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Diapers [Aug. 20th, 2009|11:10 pm]
I really need to stop buying new diapers and covers because they are cute, especially small ones because Matthew is going to be moving to mediums soon, and really I wind up using prefolds and wool 90% of the time. But then I make the mistake of clicking on the for sale posts and then I wind up NEEDING something from it. Just now I found myself rationalizing that I ought to buy the covers Matty will outgrow soon becasue I can save them for another baby. I don't even want to get pregnant again yet!

Why oh why must diapers be so addictive?

[User Picture]From: lunarophelia
2009-08-22 06:42 am (UTC)
I was really intimidated by wool at first but it is actually really easy to care for. I don't even use special wool wash - just a little squirt of baby shampoo and a dab of melted lanolin. I bpought all my wool second hand and in the 6 weeks or so I have been using I have only relanolized one, but that was because it was involved the exersaucer poopsplosion and the subsequent scrubbing. The seat of the exersaucer was pristine but the saucer part and the inside of the shorties were a different story. Poo incidents aside, I have washed my wool once.

There was a bit of a learning curve for me on how to snappi the prefold to keep in the poo so I wouldn't be washing them every couple of days, but if you use your fancy new goodmamas it shouldn't be problem. (I am really proud of myself for resisting the sale btw!)

If you are going to use wool under clothes there can be a bit of a bulk issue. I have a snapping cover that I love made of thin wool. I had some compression wicking on a long road trip, but aside from that no leaks with that one. I wish I knew what kind it was!

Since I wasn't sure how the care would go I bought some inexpensive covers from a few mamas in clothdiapering to try it out. Now the only thing I dislike is that you don't need to wash it much so I don't have a good excuse for having a bunch of different covers!
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